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Covid Anxiety Syndrome Explained and What You Can Do

The COVID-19 pandemic might be nearing an end. But, the mental health effects caused by the pandemic continue to linger – and may cause issues for years. This pandemic was unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. Because of the fast-paced, technology-forward world we’re living in, it received endless media attention. It was

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routine journal

Routine and Bipolar Disorder: Why it’s so Important

Having structure and a regular routine is important for everyone. When it comes to your mental health, the way you structure your days is crucial. It helps to reduce stress and makes your life feel more comfortable. Having a routine can also give you stability and promote your overall well-being. For people with bipolar disorder,

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Grief & Loss

The 5 Stages of Grief Explained

Everyone experiences grief at some point in their lives. Throughout the last year alone, you’ve probably experienced some kind of loss that caused you to grieve. Maybe you lost a loved one due to COVID-19. Maybe you lost your job. Even losing your sense of normalcy and routine can cause you to grieve. While everyone

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yoga sun pose

3 Reasons Why Yoga is Great for Your Mental Health

Yoga has seen steady growth in popularity over the last few decades – and for plenty of good reasons! It’s a wonderful way to exercise. It helps to keep you active while being easy on your body and improving your flexibility. Yoga also helps people focus on their breathing and can even allow you to

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sleep for mental health

Sleep for Mental Health: Why it’s Crucial

Most people recognize that sleep is important. It helps to repair your muscles. It keeps your brain working properly. Simply put, it ensures that your mind and body are functioning the way they should. When it comes to mental health though, sleep is crucial. If you already have certain mental health conditions, a lack of

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nature walk

How Walking in Nature Can Improve Your Mental Health

Most people know the physical benefits of walking and spending time doing things outside. It’s great for your cardiovascular health, your muscles, and bones. But, walking in nature also has many mental health benefits that you may not have realized before. It’s such a simple action, but it can make a big difference in how

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