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3 Tips on How to Co-Parent While Dating

Co-parenting when you’re separated is difficult enough as it is. But, when your child’s other parent seems to be dating a lot, there can be even more challenges to face. The number one priority of both parents should always be to consider what is best for the child. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always seem possible when your

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Teen Anxiety

Is Your Teen Suffering From Anxiety?-Here’s How to Tell

  It’s not uncommon for teenagers to suffer from stress. Some teens even experience anxiety from time to time. It’s a normal reaction to some of the pressures going on in their lives. Anything from exams to public speaking to an upcoming sports event can cause some anxiety in teenagers. Yet, there are more serious

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opposites attract

5 Tips to Cope with Differences in Your Relationship

    No relationship is perfect, there are differences in all relationships.  Sometimes,  it’s the differences we have with our partner that make us stronger. The old saying about opposites attracting has some measure of truth to it. But what happens when your differences push you further apart, and may even start to have negative

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4 Key Ways to Be More Mindful

Posted by Chris Rancourt, LMSW on April 8, 2019  Mindfulness is simply the practice of paying attention to the present and doing it on purpose. It isn’t an overly-complicated task. Unfortunately, at times, it may seem complicated.In reality, mindfulness is very easy to do once you start making it a part of your life. It’s true

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financial health

How to Establish a Healthy Relationship with Money-3 Practical Steps

  Chris Rancourt, LMSW   Money means different things to people. But, we all have a relationship with money of some kind. Like any other type of relationship, it can be strong and healthy, or toxic and unhealthy. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting certain things or treating yourself here and there, it’s important to

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5 Meaningful Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner

February 18, 2019 Whether you’re a working mom, a spouse who travels a lot, or in a relationship where both of you are busy, it’s easy to start feeling as though you’re stretched too thin. Unfortunately, the busier we get, the more our relationships tend to suffer. Even though we live in a world surrounded

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