3 Tips on How to Co-Parent While Dating

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Co-parenting when you’re separated is difficult enough as it is. But, when your child’s other parent seems to be dating a lot, there can be even more challenges to face.

The number one priority of both parents should always be to consider what is best for the child. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always seem possible when your ex always seems to be dating someone new.

How can you make sure your kids are comfortable with these life transitions?

Let’s look at how you can ensure stability in their lives, no matter how many people their other parent might bring into the picture.

  1. Try to Set Ground Rules with Your Co-Parent

Whether you ended your relationship with your child’s other parent on good terms or not, it’s a good idea to talk to each other about your dating habits.

Bringing new partners into a child’s life can be confusing, especially if you have younger children. Unsurprisingly, a pattern of “short-term” relationships could create even more turmoil and confusion for your child.

Try to work together and agree to some rules about dating. This will allow you both to be on the same page when it comes to explaining new relationships with them.

  1. Be a Consistent Figure

If your ex gets into a relationship and your child develops a liking for their new boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be hard for them when that relationship ends, and a new one begins. They might start to feel abandoned, or experience more confusion.

It’s important to remain a consistent figure in your child’s life. You don’t need to speak negatively about their other parent, or about the people they might be dating.

Instead, listen to how your child feels. Assure them that you aren’t going anywhere, and neither is their other parent.

  1. Create a Better Co-Parenting Time Schedule

Depending on your current parenting time schedule, it may be time to work out something new. Settle on a schedule that will benefit you both, leaving room for dates or having a new partner around when your child isn’t there.

This will give you both time to ease the child into the idea of a new relationship. So, when you have your child, your ex will have time to spend with their new partner. Conversely, when they have the child, that’s where their focus will be.

You can work through this schedule in a way that slowly introduces a new partner to your child. This kind of schedule can work very well for parents who have fairly equal time with their children.

Finding a Middle Ground for Your Children

It isn’t always easy to talk about new relationships with your ex, especially when you have children together. But, working together for your child’s benefit should take precedence over how you might feel about each other.

Children who have to experience many people walking in and out of their lives can start to develop self-esteem issues. They may also have feelings of isolation, fear, and they may act out aggressively in some cases. Learning how to do what’s best for them in these situations is crucial.