Co-Parenting Counseling
in New Milford, CT

Helping Parents Like You to Co–Parent in a Compassionate and Caring Way.

Co-Parenting New Milford CTGetting along after your divorce to parent as a unit is a very difficult task. Very often people in this situation face:

  • Feeling confusion regarding what your relationship with your ex-spouse should look like
  • Feeling disconnected from your child when you no longer see them everyday
  • Feeling a loss of control over how your child is raised when you are not present
  • Finding a way to come to a healthy compromise with your ex spouse
  • Dealing with new partners entering your child’s life
  • Arguing with your ex-spouse over matters that you didn’t argue over before
  • Feeling judged on the way you live your life or manage the lives of your child/children

Even though you may feel frustrated and discouraged, know that many people in your situation are facing similar challenges and have been able to find hope and work together in the best interest of their children

Here Are Some Specific Ways We Can Help You CO-Parent

We can provide the support you need to help find your way towards a healthier relationship with your Ex. Even if you’re feeling lost now, having a clear plan will help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your life and the life of your children. Some of the ways in which we can support you through this process is by:
• Decreasing the stress and anxiety of co-parenting by having a clear plan and open dialogue with your Ex.

• Gain the ability to adjust in a healthy way to different circumstances that are out of your control

• Your children will learn healthy coping skills and communication techniques as a result of their parents modeling these behaviors
•  Learn healthy ways to resolve conflict

• Children who see their parents respecting and valuing each other have higher self-esteem and learn social maturity

• Children will learn consistency agreed upon at both households and have structure and clear expectations which all children need for a healthy routine
Learning to maintain positive communication about co-parenting is a vital part of creating a developmentally healthy environment in both homes for children. Taking time to work with our co-parenting specialist to establish this, gives you the tools to move forward after divorce.

Navigating life after divorce is never easy for anyone involved… we would be honored to walk beside you as you find your way. A parenting expert can work with you privately or with family court to help you transition into your role as a CO-Parent.  We are here for you when you’re ready, call 860-740-2228.

Reach out to us today to begin a new journey to embrace wellness and meet the challenges ahead.