Clinical Supervision
in New Milford, CT

Providing a safe space for you to explore how life is impacting your overall health.

It is important to continuously improve the quality of client care in clinical supervision. Clinical supervision by a properly qualified and trained supervisor helps you respond to a wide range of clinical situations and prevents clinical crises from getting out of hand. Supervision includes assessment, case conceptualization, treatment strategies, and discharge planning. We will explore agency constraints and their impact on you and your clients. Supervision addresses the unique needs of each client by providing a method to ensure that clinical directives are adhered to and by facilitating the adoption and improvement of evidence-based practices. A multicultural perspective is consistently maintained through clinical supervision to enhance your cultural competence. Because supervision encourages supervisees to examine their views on culture, race, values, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and potential biases, cultural competence is enhanced.

If you are a social worker seeking Connecticut licensure eligibility or are a licensed clinician seeking supervision outside of your work setting, please reach out to me. My email is or call  (860) 740-2228

Our Supervision Encompasses

• Diagnosis
• Professional ethics and standards of practice
• Professional growth
• Risk Assessment

• Self-care

• Therapeutic relationship
• Treatment modalities/clinical interventions
• Workload/time management

• Case review

*Explore Agency Constraints

*Develop outcome measures

• Cultural Competency
• Countertransference
• Confidentiality


Even seasoned therapists get confronted with clinical situations that are baffling. The fresh perspective provided by consultation with an experienced therapist can prove useful.

Our clinical supervisor has a track record of teaching and training, as well as supervising, and has a passion for adding value to our profession. Get started today!