Financial Wellness Counseling
in New Milford, CT

Take a Minute and Ask Yourself

• Are you ignoring bills, phone calls, or bank statements?
• Are you keeping money secrets from friends and family?
• Are you fearful of dealing with finances because it brings on feelings of depression and anxiety?
• Have friends and family told you that you’re impulsive with your money?
• Do you pay down debt only to have it pile up again?
• Have you and your partner or loved ones been fighting over money?
• Do you fear getting through a financial setback such as a job loss or unexpected expense?
• Are you putting off planning for the future?
• When you’re feeling depressed or anxious do you spend money to feel better?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone.

We can help you identify core issues impacting your life with money and develop concrete steps for behavioral change using empirically proven methods to guide your success.

Financial Wellness at New Milford Counseling Center

We have specialized training focused on the stages of change needed to overcome old money habits and we will provide a structured, supportive environment for you to develop positive solutions for change. Our job is to do this while respecting your readiness to move through the stages of change at a pace you are comfortable with.

New Milford Counseling Center recognizes the important connection between our emotions and our finances. We are here to help you develop insight into how your emotional health is connected to your financial well-being. Get your finances in order by reaching out to us today!