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Joseph Wessex, LADC, LPC-A, NCC

While lasting change takes time, when individuals or families are in crisis, it’s important that they find some immediate relief; I am mindful about attending to urgency for results. I am committed to providing a safe and constructive environment for exploration and growth. I approach each client with an understanding that we all possess a complex inner world, in the context of a complex outer world filled with a variety of relationships and extraneous challenges.

I strive to help you integrate the different parts of yourself that influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, allowing you the space to make decisions aimed at “unsticking” yourself from where you feel rooted, and ultimately gaining a sense that you are in control of your own life, while making peace with the parts of life that are outside of one’s control. To accomplish this, I utilize a variety of therapy techniques in the context of an Internal Family Systems model of treatment, and clients report frequent success with a variety of struggles, notably trauma, anxiety, depression, self-love, family matters, and addiction.

About Me
My name is Joseph Wessex. I’m a dual-licensed clinician with a background in dual diagnosis clinical mental health counseling. I hold a Bachelor of Psychology, MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a certificate for Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor and currently hold my LPC-A (Professional Counseling) and LADC (Addiction Counseling). I am IFS Level 1 Trained by the IFS Institute and received personal training from the founder of Internal Family Systems Therapy at the first treatment center to ever receive IFS training. My experience thus far has been in the context of Intensive Outpatient treatment, as well as individual counseling in a residential level of care, which includes intensive work with group therapy, family counseling, crisis, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

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