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Chris Rancourt, LMSW

Despite the constant busyness, there is a lingering feeling of incompleteness. Prior to the recent public health crisis, uncertainty has always been a part of daily life, but the unprecedented nature of the pandemic amplified our worries. Questions such as what precautions should be taken to protect ourselves and our loved ones, the possibility of getting infected, and the potential loss of employment, all contributed to ongoing confusion and anxiety. Seeking therapy can offer a dedicated space to address these concerns and find solutions.

As a therapist, I prioritize healing and wellness. My clients have expressed feeling a deeper understanding and better manageability of their struggles, as well as increased autonomy in their lives.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Psychology from Western Connecticut State University and a Master’s degree in Social Work specializing in children and families from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service in New York. Additionally, I hold  certifications in financial social work and anger management and have received advanced instruction in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treating anxiety disorders.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy reading, hiking, and immersing myself in the outdoors.

On a final note, life can be difficult, but with the right support, you can transcend your worries and begin developing solutions that will help you thrive.

Chris Rancourt, LMSW is Licensed Social Worker specializing in working with people with acute and chronic mental health conditions. He has more than 20 years experience working with children, adolescent juvenile offenders and adults with legal and financial difficulties.

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Chris Rancourt,LCSW

Chris Rancourt, LMSW

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