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Maslow, Therapy Dog

A Little About Maslow

Maslow is a Bernadoodle who was born on December 4, 2022, in Katonah, New York. Since he was 8 weeks old, he has been residing in New Milford. Maslow is a cheerful dog who is always eager to put a smile on people’s faces. He loves spreading happiness wherever he goes and has been attending school since he was 12 weeks old. From kindergarten to high school, he has consistently performed well and is presently enrolled in therapy dog school. Don’t forget to say hello to Maslow the next time you visit the office.

The Benefits of a Therapy Dog

Working with a therapy dog can enhance social connection, improve emotional well-being, decrease anxiety and depression rates, and create a happy and upbeat attitude. Short-term, unstructured interactions with a therapy dog can significantly reduce self-reported anxiety and distress. We have seen this first-hand with Maslow. Therapy dogs provide emotional support and comfort to individuals with mental and physical health conditions. These dogs are trained to be gentle, friendly, and comfortable around people in different settings.


The Bernedoodle is a relatively new breed that was intentionally bred in Canada in 2003 by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Poodle. The aim was to reduce genetic health issues and increase lifespans. The breed has become increasingly popular due to the hypoallergenic quality of its Poodle-like coat and its desirable traits such as intelligence and devotion. The Bernese Mountain Dog, one of its parent breeds, originated in the Swiss mountains and was named after the Canton of Bern located in west-central Switzerland

A Therapy Dog is Different than a Service Dog

Therapy dogs and service dogs have distinct roles and training. Service dogs are trained to carry out specific tasks for individuals with disabilities and are granted full public access rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. They assist their disabled partners in attaining safety and independence. Conversely, therapy dogs offer emotional support and solace to people dealing with mental health challenges or physical health issues. They are trained to interact with various individuals while on duty and are encouraged to be petted. However, therapy dogs do not have the same legal status as service dogs, and their handlers or owners do not possess the same rights to access public places with them where pets are not allowed.

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