Veteran Counseling

Over the past two decades, a small percentage of volunteers have borne the burden of direct participation in U.S. Global Wars. Specifically, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left this cross-section of our society dealing with the impacts of an unprecedented number of deployments, extended service tours, and prolonged combat assignments. The major impacts of these experiences often lead to difficulties in maintaining personal and professional relationships, managing emotions, and achieving restful sleep. Thousands of veterans nationwide struggle with these issues and, all too often, do not know where to turn for help. Our clinical staff understands that seeking help can be difficult and will support and guide you through the process. You may have had negative experiences in other counseling settings or have been transferred from one counselor to the next. In a private practice setting like New Milford Counseling Center, you are treated as a person, not a number.

Veteran counseling

You may have spent years trying to manage symptoms such as hypervigilance, anxiety, sadness, anger, and relationship problems. Nightmares and disrupted sleep can exacerbate all of these symptoms. Many veterans have come to accept these symptoms as part of their life and try to suck it up and drive on. Counseling can help. By applying individualized, short-term counseling methods, you can begin to experience relief. You may be skeptical about meeting with a civilian therapist, and we understand that. Our veteran’s specialist will not be shocked or surprised by your deployment experiences. There is no need to explain military culture or lingo; it is understood and well-received.


There is limited space available for free counseling for veterans with a therapist who understands the unique experiences of veterans. At your first meeting, you will learn about what to expect, and you can decide what course of treatment is right for you.


Still unsure? Contact New Milford Counseling Center at 860-740-2228 and ask to speak with Sharon Young, our military specialist.