Upcoming Workshops
in New Milford, CT

Life Amidst COVID:
Re-emerging into a Life of Resilience

Join Elora Herberick of EVOLVE Yoga and the talented Counseling team of NMCC in this 3 week series with your health and wellness in mind as we move:

Back to Life: Grief and Growth amidst COVID

September 11th 1- 2:30pm

Back to life: grief and growth We have all been affected by the pandemic. We have all felt various losses and had to figure how to live life within an overarching theme and framework of grief. How do we process our grief through the pandemic and is it possible to grow through this challenging experience? Is it possible to survive grief and get to the other side of sadness? Join us as we explore the process of grief in our time, and how growth can be a sign of resilient living. Catherine Vlasto, LCSW, a clinical social worker who specializes in grief work will facilitate this discussion.

Back to School: Steps to a successful transition

September 18th 1- 2:30pm

First day of school jitters may be more intense than usual this year as we prepare to return to school in person. The uncertainty and inconsistency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic took away the structure and predictability kids need to feel safe in their environment. This workshop will offer tips and skills to add to your toolbox that can help you to support your kiddos as they face their next challenge. Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, LCSW will facilitate this workshop.

Back to Work: Overcoming Anxiety

September 25th 1- 2:30pm

Many of us are returning to the office for the first time in over a year which creates anxiety in many of us. Just as we struggled with the abrupt transition to working from home, we now face a different challenge; returning to the fast paced, often over-committed lifestyle. Re-establishing in person relationships with colleagues, commuting, and time away from our families may come with some benefits, but the pandemic has changed many of our perceptions of safety in the work environment. This workshop will address the challenges faced by many of us who are hesitant or even fearful of this next step. Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, LCSW will facilitate this workshop.

Wellness workshop

These workshops have been canceled. Check back soon for upcoming workshops.

Each Session includes mindfulness and yoga techniques at the beginning and ending of the main program lead by wonderful counselors.

Classes take place at EVOLVE located at
65 Bank Street, New Milford CT